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Storm Drain & Sewer Cleaning Services

Storm Drain

A storm drain is a vital component of the drainage system of your home or business. They prevent flood and rainwater from collecting on flat surfaces, which prevents water damage to your foundation and property. Storm drains consist of an inlet and large metal grate that prevents objects from clogging up the drainpipe.

Although it may seem simple, it’s very important to keep the grate free of debris and occasionally inspecting for leaks, buildup or other damage. Keeping it clear of debris is easy enough for any home or business owner, but the when it comes to diving deeper, it is best left to the professionals.


Maintaining the storm drains with the right equipment is not a difficult undertaking. With preventative inspections and cleaning, you can rest assured your property will be fully protected against water damage.

Our expert technicians specialize in comprehensive sewer and septic service to residents and business owners throughout Palm Beach County. We will quickly and efficiently perform cleaning, repairs or other necessary service on any storm drain.

Whether you’re a new customer or have been our customer for years, we’ll make sure it gets taken care of on a regular basis.

Troubleshooting Problems

When there is an issue with your storm drain the cause of the problem isn’t always immediately obvious, troubleshooting can quickly turn into a major expense. With Dura Drain Sewer and Septic, our technicians will quickly identify the problem and deliver a solution, wasting no time and money on expensive diagnostics.

Save money and keep your storm drain working its best! Contact Dura Drain today for more information.

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