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The South Florida septic system engineering firm DuraDrain Sewer and Septic doesn’t just serve the owners of residential septic systems. We also count schools, restaurants, and other commercial buildings in South Florida’s non-urban areas as friends and clients.
A properly engineered septic design, installation, and minimal maintenance provides a safe and efficient way to dispose of domestic sewage. An improperly engineered septic design or haphazard sewage disposal can result in health problems, legal hassles and nuisance conditions.  Sewage contains pathogens (disease causing organisms); therefore it is essential that it be disposed of properly.

Effective South Florida septic system engineering includes the suitability of a property and the best location for the Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (septic system). Our licensed & insured technicians can also inspect a septic system as a precondition to a residential or commercial real estate purchase.  This may also include determining what type of OWS is most appropriate and what alternatives should be considered.  Properly engineered septic design is of vital importance in planning infrastructure of for new housing developments.

Subsurface investigations are made to determine the impact of soils on septic system design. Soil type and the proximity of underground water must all be considered in the layout of tanks and drain fields. South Florida septic system engineering has greater challenges because of both these factors.

We offer permit assistance and preparing the design for submission, to the proper agency, as part of the package when we install a new septic system or when replacing a damaged or small one.

DuraDrain’s experts have the knowledge and experience to design, layout and install a system specifically designed for your use, with a comfortable allowance for a growing family or an expanding business.

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