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Grease Trap Maintenance and Cleaning by the Experts in Wellington, Florida

Dura Drain is recognized across South Florida for its contributions to the upkeep and proper functioning of residential and commercial septic systems, from serving large cities in South Florida to serving the needs of residents and business owners in Wellington, Florida. The Dura Drain team is always on its toes to ensure proper wastewater and restaurant waste management in areas where municipal sewage systems are not available. We specialize in installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of septic systems in Wellington, Florida. Each component of the system, including the grease traps are maintained by us.

As grease trap cleaning specialists, we have worked for a number of restaurants, laundries and other business entities in the area, ensuring smooth wastewater disposal, without any clogging or damage caused due to infiltration of grease, oil and other gunk into the septic tank or drainfield. Scheduled disposal & pump outs by our technicians help in keeping the system up and running.

We have special expertise in restaurant grease trap cleaning, considering the large amount of grease, oils and other sticky material disposed of at such entities. Through timely cleaning, disposal & pump outs, we help you in keeping your septic systems operations for several years. If grease trap maintenance is neglected, it can lead to blockade in pipes or clogging. Moreover, if the grease enters the drainfield, it prevents the soil from processing the wastewater, thereby making the entire system dysfunctional.

However, with the skill set and caliber of our septic experts, you need not face any inconvenience in the maintenance and cleaning of the grease traps. Being a licensed and insured septic company, we have the right resources and understanding of the system that allow us to perform flawless work, thereby saving your time and money. We use advanced technology and tools to clean up the system and the grease traps, without causing any injuries or chemical hazards.

Call our toll free helpline 855 DURADRAIN for 24/7 emergency service and ask about our 3 months service agreements plans. We have been recognized by the town and the residents of Wellington, Florida to be amongst the best choices when hiring a septic contractor to service your every day restaurant waste management needs and requirements of the village.

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