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Our family lives, works and plays in Wellington, furthermore we love, keep and ride horses here. Horse hair, finding its way into the sewer system or the environment can be very troublesome. Hair can take centuries to break down, meanwhile blocking plumbing, contaminating waterways and endangering the animals living there. Some kind of horse hair trap is needed.

We at Dura Drain understand very well the danger horse hair poses, where it enters the system and what to do about it. Here in Wellington, the government has stepped in to bring an end to horse hair contamination, with a code requiring that all horse barns in Wellington must have “Horse Hair Interceptors”.

The horse barns that are equipped with wash stalls or other area to wash horses must comply with the new code. In the city of Wellington, all wash stall drains must run into a horse hair interceptor, which is simply a horse hair trap. Acting much like a septic tank, the horse hair interceptor handles the hair, soap and water from hosing down the stalls. This horse hair trap retains the hair in the trap, allowing the water to escape, so that it can be pumped out and properly disposed of, during regular tank servicing. These horse hair traps work in much the same way as a septic tank and do require periodic maintenance.

At Dura Drain we are old hands at sizing, installing and servicing horse hair interceptors. For the past 18 years we have also been the go-to company for servicing septic tanks and grease traps throughout the county. Call us for a free estimate. Our drainage experts will keep you code compliant by installing a horse hair interceptor in your wash stall and help you to protect our Wellington ecosystem.

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