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Residential Septic Tanks-Installation & Maintenance

Here at DURA DRAIN we have over 18 years experience serving the residential areas of Palm Beach County. We have mastered the ability to install residential septic systems for any home, no matter what the circumstances. Our septic systems are made up of some of the most technologically advanced parts on the market.

Our septic pumping as become a very popular request among our residential customers. We are considered to be one of the best when it comes to residential pumps in South Florida. Our professional employees have perfected the art of pump outs. Before you know it, we will be on and off your property, leaving you with a freshly pumped septic tank. If you wait too long in pumping your septic tank, you could severely damage your tank which could result in you needing a whole new system. Typically a tank needs to be pumped every 3 years. However, if there are more people using water in your home, then your tank could be filling up at a higher rate, requiring pumping more often.

With our maintenance agreements you will not have to worry about keeping up with your septic tank. Leave that to us. We will send out our experts a couple of times a year to make sure everything about your tank is working properly. Along with this agreement comes our top of the line cleaning service, to make sure you do not have a buildup of grease and gunk inside your septic.

DURA DRAIN is by far the most experienced and most trusted septic tank authority in Palm Beach County. Our residential pumping is unmatched and our prices are unbeatable. Be sure to contact us about our other services, like our real estate inspections. Call us today and get set up with your free estimate!

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