Loxahatchee, Florida Septic Tanks

In Palm Beach County

Septic System Services & Maintenance in Loxahatchee, Florida

Loxahatchee, Florida is known locally as the ‘Western Communities’ and is the most rural area in this part of Palm Beach County. Loxahatchee is directly north of Wellington and about 17 miles west of West Palm Beach and Royal Palm Beach Florida. The sugar cane fields are nearby and it is home to many colorful garden nurseries, horse ranches and other farms, of all types.

In such an idyllic setting we sometimes take for granted those silent systems that allow us to go about our daily duties, without complaint or fuss. That’s right, the septic tanks. We may not think about them every day, but they keep our farms and cottages habitable and healthy.

We are Dura Drain Sewer Services, the septic tank cleaning and repair experts for Palm Beach County. Our family owned, fully licensed and insured environmental control systems; company has been servicing Loxahatchee, Fl – septic tanks with septic drain services for homes and farms, in the area for over 15 years.

If you are the new owner of an older property it is always a good idea to start off “fresh” with septic tank cleaning and repair as needed. An inspection to set up routine maintenance and septic drain services, based on the number of people in the family and the tank size and design is always a good idea.

A foul odor and moist ground is not a reason for panic, but that doesn’t mean to ignore it either. Give us a call and we will determine the extent of the problem in a way that no plumber can. We offer fast and reliable residential and commercial septic services and even grease trap cleaning for restaurants, food service and catering companies.

Leaving your Loxahatchee, Fl – septic tanks without service and leaking, can have dire consequences, not just health-wise, but extensive property damage can occur, as well.
One area restaurant had to shut down for a week when excessive parking lot drainage over powered the septic system and flooded the interior. It pays to have Dura Drain pick the proper location for your new septic systems and drain field to avoid any such problems.



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