DuraDrain vs. Plumber

In Palm Beach County

Professional Septic Tank Contractors

There are cautions in every aspect of life – You don’t ever pull on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you never pull the mask off the Lone Ranger and you never, ever call a plumber for a drainage problem. Never bring a knife to a gunfight and never call anyone but Dura Drain, to work on your septic and sewer systems. Many people, in Palm Beach County, facing a possible drainage systems problem, call a plumbing company instead of drainage specialists. That can quickly become a very big mistake. Our drain specialists ONLY deal with drainage systems and their issues. Dura Drain deals only with drainage problems and therefore train their licensed technicians and equip them just for such problems, up to and including septic and sewer pipe replacement. We are not promoting a Dura Drain vs. plumber issue here; we are trying to explain that they are two different industries all together. Plumbers deal with the supply side of plumbing and are expert at using pressure pipes to transport water, from one area to another in a fairly static environment. The waste water and micro organisms create a much more dynamic environment in the septic and sewer systems, even without the tree roots and vermin that can invade any drainage systems. We deal with the things that make plumbers go weak in the knees and do it with the most sophisticated equipment, including in-the-pipe video inspections, performed by truly professional drainage specialists. By calling Dura Drain you get the benefit of the very best solution, to your septic and sewer systems problems, at the best price in all of Palm Beach County.

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