Boynton Beach, FL Septic Tank Systems

In Palm Beach County

Sewer & Septic Service Specialists in Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach is one of the fastest growing and largest cities in Palm Beach County. With both unincorporated and incorporated areas, there is a wide diversity of homes and businesses in the area. Several areas have Boynton Beach, Fl – septic tank systems, as opposed to sewers, and in their day to day operation no difference is even noticed.

Good working, Boynton Beach, Fl septic tank systems usually have routine maintenance programs that get service at reasonable intervals, guaranteeing years of trouble-free service. At Dura Drain Sewer & Septic Services we specialize in septic tank service, inspections, cleaning and installations. During initial pump outs one of our experts can do an inspection and then set up a reasonable schedule of regular pump outs and cleanings, which we recommend every 1-3 years. We have maintenance agreements for service and inspections every 6 months.

We are not a plumbing company; they don’t do what we do. We are a full service provider for all types of Boynton Beach, Fl septic tank systems, and offer emergency services 24/7 for all clogged drains, sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, and of course septic systems. Dura Drain’s experts will first locate your septic tank, open it up, and pump out its contents completely into our tank truck. Our technician will then inspect the septic tank, looking for any structural problems, root invasions or leaks. After the pump out, we will make sure that waste water is able to flow freely into the septic system before we replace the lid.

Our crew can properly layout the ideal location to install a new system and even replace drain fields that are no longer working well enough. If you are the owner of a restaurant, commissary or catering business anywhere around Boynton Beach, you should know that we are the area’s number one provider for service, cleaning and installation of grease traps. If your business requires replacement, cleaning or even just a pump out, call Dura Drain.

Whether for Boynton Beach, Fl – septic tank systems, grease traps or any other sewage system or waste water problem call the friendly folks at Dura Drain. You will be happy you did! Call DuraDrain, LLC Sewer & Septic at (561) 333-9282.


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